4th BCK Film Symposium

The #4BCKFS happened from the 8th till 16th of October 2022 in Athens and aimed to offer space for more visibility and promote women creators, showcase their work and invite them to discuss and reflect on it.

The international curated programme presented a wide selection of works, of all types and genres, created by women filmmakers, both established and newcomers, active in Greece & around the world. These works and discussions are meant to touch on the concerns and difficulties that women face today, working in a male-dominated sector, such as cinema, as well as the challenges, the stereotypes, and the obstacles they need to overcome in an effort to achieve equal opportunities and recognition. Our ultimate aspiration is to create and support a network of women creators and cinema workers, who will carry on promoting women’s work and rights, under an intersectional approach.

The #4BCKFS will continue bringing together creators, filmmakers, artists groups, film collectives, organizations and curators working in established as well as up-and-coming festivals from around the world, aiming at promoting the exchange of views and good practices and fostering international collaboration. The BCK Film Symposium is a celebration of cinema and young filmmakers! It spans ten days and comprises film screenings, video & art installations, open discussions between creators and audiences, theoretical and practical workshops, presentations, roundtables, and more.

All screenings and parallel events are open to the audiences, admission-free. 

The 4th Balkan Can Kino Film Symposium is supported by and under the auspices of the Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports

Programme Partners

Goethe-Institut Athens / British Council Greece / FeCHA – Athens’ Hispanic Film Festival / Pugnant Film Series / Invisible Women / Flavia Dima


Stella / Zoetrope / Goethe-Institut Athens / Chimeres

Organized by

Balkan Can Kino & FLP Athens



Film Curation & Production 

Dimitra Mitsaki

Fotini Stefani

Marianna Kaplatzi


Photographer & Videographer

Frank Holbein


Audience/Venues Support

Myrto Tapeinou

Giorgos Siniorakis


Technical Supervisor

Panos Ydraios


Hospitality Support

Evelina Bournousouzi


LIVE / Music

Giannis Kantea Papadopoulos

Eleni Tzannatou

Fish Lily


Graphic Design

FLP Athens

Workshop Support

Representations of the Female Body

Myrto Tapeinou

Giorgos Siniorakis


Workshops & Masterclasses Support

Young Curators / Young Critics

Grigoris Pritsas

Katerina Emmanouil


Programme Support

Alkisti Aktsoglou

Despina Kalogianni


Trailer 4BCKFS

FLP Athens


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