We need to talk about Barbie


Born in the era of Barbie dolls. Barbie houses, cars, clothes, accessories and Barbie’s boyfriend Ken was in almost every girl’s room. Decades after, specifically in November 2014, Barbie, was the cover in Sports Illustrated under the tagline “Unapologetic”, wearing nothing more but her bathing suit. Playing with Barbies is an old habit and the two directors explore their connection to the doll as adults.

experimental documentary, 2016, Germany, 3′


Screenplay, Direction & Camera

Dimitra Mitsaki & Kristin Mudra


Art Direction

Dimitra Mitsaki & Kristin Mudra


Editing & Sound Design

Dimitra Mitsaki


Produced by

filmArche & FLP Athens



The Romantic Dystopians, Pugnant Film Series,

2020, Greece


Trashxploitation Neuilly Pleasure Edition.

2019, Paris, France


Tribute to the 15 years of Athens Digital Arts Festival,

2019 Greece


Thessaloniki Queer Arts Festival,

2019, Greece


Trashxploitation Short Film Festival, Athens,

2017, Greece


Equality Festival

2016, Kiev, Ukraine


Athens Digital Arts Festival

2016, Greece