Anasternaria: The Road of Tamed Fire

Anasternaria: The Road of Tamed Fire is an audiovisual project and a living archive of cultural heritage, focusing on the traditional custom of barefoot fire-walking ritual with ecstatic dance performed in some villages in Northern Greece and Southern Bulgaria.  Τhrough a journey, during the pandemic, to the places where the ritual is performed, the team recorded interviews, took photographs and audio experts of the people who are already active, or come as new members with the will to participate, or as mere observers. The project uses the language of ethnographic film, and other interdisciplinary artistic forms, in order to underline the importance of this tradition in modern Greek culture.
Anasternaria: The Road of Tamed Fire happened with the financial support of the Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports. 



Eleni Kalara

Kostas Raptis


Concept Design

Panagiotis Evangelidis



Cinematography, Photography, Editing

Iason Athanasiadis 


Additional Photography

Simon Guidi 


Organisation & Communication

FLP Athens