Can art save the planet?

“Can Art Save the Planet?” is a thought-provoking hybrid podcast series that delves into the intricate relationship between art and the climate crisis and into the broader cultural, social, and political dimensions of it, examining how art intersects with issues of environmental justice, sustainability, and collective action. Through a captivating blend of interviews, storytelling, and artistic exploration, this series seeks to unravel the potential of art as a catalyst for environmental change. Each episode offers a unique perspective, interweaving the voices of artists  from various disciplines—painters, sculptors, photographers, musicians, writers, and more— but also activists, scientists, and curators who are deeply engaged with both the artistic and environmental realms. By bringing together diverse viewpoints, the series provides listeners with a multifaceted understanding of the complex issues surrounding climate change and the role that art can play in addressing them. The podcast explores how these creative individuals are using their work to raise awareness, provoke critical dialogue, and inspire action on environmental issues. From powerful visual representations of ecological destruction to immersive multimedia experiences that invite audiences to confront the realities of climate change, the podcast showcases the transformative potential of art in shaping public consciousness and driving positive change. By highlighting innovative projects, grassroots movements, and collaborative initiatives that harness the power of creativity to address environmental challenges, the series illuminates the ways in which art can serve as a catalyst for meaningful social and environmental transformation. Ultimately, “Can Art Save the Planet?” invites listeners to reimagine the role of art in shaping our relationship with the natural world and envision new possibilities for collective action in the face of the climate crisis. By amplifying the voices of artists who are using their creative talents to advocate for environmental stewardship and ecological resilience, the series inspires hope, fosters empathy, and sparks dialogue about the urgent need for bold and innovative solutions to safeguard the planet for future generations.

Non fiction podcast mini series, 40′,

2024 – 2025, Greece – Online 



Rachel Donald, Dimitra Mitsaki


Produced by

Dimitra Mitsaki, Panagiotis Ydraios


Hosted by

Rachel Donald


Supported by

Pryzm Edge Institute